Wedding Day Guide

                                          YOUR DAY, FROM BEGINNING TO END

Getting Ready (1-2 hours):

I will start the day with you wherever you are getting ready. I will photograph any details you would like, followed by candid photos of your hair and make-up process. Be sure to have your hair and make up team set up near a window, with your chair facing the window. This will give the best light for both your photographer and the make-up artist. No bathrooms unless they have natural light and a good amount of room for everyone.  At some point I will go visit the groom for his getting ready photos (about 20-25 mins) and then its back to the bridal suite for the bride getting in her dress! Please account for 2 hours, if you would like hair/make-up photos and 1 hour if you would like getting dressed only.

First look/Pre-Ceremony (1-2 hours):

Next up is either the first look, or separate bridesmaid and groomsman photos. This choice is entirely up to you but I recommend you read this post about whether or not to do a first look. Keep in mind the amount of daylight after the ceremony, and whether or not you want to go to your cocktail hour. Please account for 2 hours if doing a first look, portraits and bridal party photos and 1 hour if there will be no first look and only bridesmaids and groomsmen separate photos.


Ceremony (30mins-60mins):

I will start the ceremony at the head of the aisle (near the bridesmaids) and photograph the bride as she comes up the aisle, as well as the grooms reaction as he watches his bride approach. After the processional, I will be getting many different angles from all over the ceremony. One thing I highly recommend is having your officiant make an announcement asking everyone to put away their devices, and truly be present during the ceremony. Often times a well meaning friend or relative is trying to take photos and unintentionally hinders our ability to document your ceremony. They lean into the aisle, stand up or even walk around and obstruct our view. Read this article and talk it over with you officiant to see if this is something you would like to do. Please account for 30-60 minutes depending on the length of your ceremony. 

Post Ceremony Photos (60-90mins):

Congratulations, you're married! Family photos will be next up on the agenda, since everyone is already all together and ready to go. Once those are done we will complete any photos not done before the ceremony. If a first look was done, we will probably only have to do a few portraits and then you will likely be able to join your cocktail hour! Please account for 60-90 minutes depending on how many family photos you would like (and how large your family is), and whether or not you did a first look. If you will be doing the majority of photos after the ceremony please allow for the maximum amount of time possible. 


Grand Entrance:

Now it is time for your formal introductions. There are all sorts of fun things you can do for your introductions, and you should talk with your DJ or MC about what they can do for you. Come in hot, hands in the air and giant smiles on your faces. Really enjoy this moment because it is a fun one! Once you are seated and dinner has begun, we will take a short break. People don't generally like being photographed while they are eating, so we find this is the best time to hydrate, refuel and set up for your reception.


Sunset Photos (20-25mins):

During the summer months, when the sun sets later in the day, the best time to do sunset photos is during dinner. If you would like sunset photos to be made I will take you out for about 20 minutes, while your guests eat, to capture those magical golden light photos. Because you eat first, your guests will likely still be eating when we return to the reception. Please account for 20-25 minutes if you would like sunset photos. These are actually done sightly BEFORE sunset, not exactly at sunset. I can let you know the ideal time based on the time of year and wedding location if you would like.



Time for you to enjoy your party! From here on out everything will be entirely candid. I want you to focus on being in the moment, listening to the toasts, dancing with your new spouse and partying with your family and friends. I will be there documenting the moments so you can relive them over and over!


Dancing (30 mins)!

This is one of my favorite parts of the night. I like to stay for at least 30 minutes of open dancing, but I will take more if I can get it! Be sure to get out on the dance floor with your guests. I promise you will love the photos if you do! Please account for about 30 minutes if you would like photos of open dancing.